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Learning a new language requires a mental adjustment and a commitment to the learning process. The learner must open a new part of their mind to build their new language skills.

Learners need to make time for the language and engage with it often to create an immersive environment. Learners need to engage the language from all four aspects of language learning, namely:

  • Hearing it (as spoken by Native Speakers)
  • Reading it
  • Writing it
  • Speaking it

The Native Tongue Learning system uses provides all four aspects of language learning.

If you have decided to learn a new language, let Native Tongue guide you through your journey. Native Tongue was founded to reignite the love & use of African languages worldwide. Native Tongue's expertly designed workbooks and one-on-one tutoring services will provide the support you need to get you started on your language journey.

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Learn from Native Speakers

Don't be misled by trendy, gamified apps that promise you language fluency, our lived experience informs us that Language is best learned from one person to another, in conversation, and with context.

Native Tongue connects our Learners (young & old) with our highly trained Indigenous Language Guides via 1-on-1 video chatting platforms like zoom. In these sessions, our Language Guides take the Learner across foundational aspects of the Language such as Alphabet Articulation to tailor these sessions to the Learner's style.

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Effective Language Learning

The best way to learn a language is to just get started. Don't get stuck on grammar issues or any rules for that matter because studies show that only slows down the process.

The Native Tongue Method gets learners started by putting them directly into the Language. We put our learners through the basic building blocks of a language quickly so that we can get busy speaking the Language. It is also important to make the Language come to life via exposure to the culture and tradition of the native speakers..

What we know for a fact is that learning a new language depends on lots of practice, repetitive use of the things you have learned and most importantly having fun learning the Language.

  • i. Have fun!!!
  • ii. Relax and do not be afraid to make mistakes.
  • iii. Use the new words and phrases you learn as often as possible
  • iv. Complete the exercises after each session
  • v. Find and work with a fluent speaker.
  • vi. Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!
  • vii. Have fun!!!

Why Native Tongue


For each of our languages we have developed several programmes for the diffrent stages our learners might on the language curve.

We cover all leraners : novice or experienced and all ages 5 to 99
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Schedule your sessions for

  • any day
  • any time
  • any where
  • With any tutor

You are in full control!

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Control the pace at which you take yourlanguage classes to once, twice or unlimited classes per week by choosing the appropriate payment plan.

We recommend 2 classes per week as the optimum pace.

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Choose individual sessions for self paced 1-on-1 sessions.


Choose a paired option where 2 learners at the same language level can learn simultaneously & economically.

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time management

Our 25-minute sessions are designed to be fun, engaging & impactful.

Short enough to impact your schedule adversaly & not too long that we loose the student's attention

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Buy blocks of five classes (at full price), ten classes (at 5% discount) or twenty classes (at 10% discount).

This allows for you pay as you go or buy in bulk and take advantage of the higher discounts.

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